This is the first time we’ve had two runners in one month. And this month is something special. Father, Bruce, and son, Shawn, are runners in Missoula and you won’t find them without a smile on their faces. Each of their names came up when thinking of who to profile and we initially decided to profile Bruce, Shawn’s father in August and Shawn in September. After asking Bruce, he replied, “Although I am honored by your request, I would love it if you would profile my son, Shawn, instead of me.  He has been my inspiration for much of my life and has accomplished so much since joining our running community”. What a guy. This goes to show you how special these two are. Thanks Bruce and Shawn for all you do!thumbnail_image4

Name:  Bruce Randall, father  |  Shawn Randall, son

Age:  66, soon to be 67   |    37

Hometown:  Elmira, NY  |  Elmira, New York

Where Do You Currently Live?  Missoula  |  Missoula, MT

Miles Run Per Week:  This varies depending upon upcoming race  |  Not nearly enough as I would like, but let’s say 20 or so on the roads and probably 50 chasing my kids (Harper and Bryce) all over!

What Age Did You Start Running?  60  |  32. I have always been athletic and into sports since I was a kid. Running however was not a big interest of mine. 5 years ago my dad said he was training to do the Missoula 1/2 marathon and I said “the what”? I had no idea we had anything like that in town. I went down to the Higgins bridge to watch him finish and thought how awesome is this. So that following January, I went out and did the Resolution Run with him and haven’t stopped since.

Currently Training For:  Snowbowl 15k Trail Race  |  Whatever the next race is. I have the Snowbowl 15k and the Sweathouse Half coming up

Best Part Of Running:  The mental challenge to complete every race.  Group runs with Galloway classmates  |  (2) reasons: (1) Spending time with my Dad.  (2) Being fortunate enough to live in an awesome city with an awesome running community who share the same passion as I do.

Solo Run or Group Run? Group runs with Galloway classmates.  |  Group Run, I enjoy the company.

Favorite Run: Any run that my son and I do together.  |  11 Miles to Paradise and I love our Missoula Marathon 🙂