John Fiore and his staff at Sapphire are now providing a real-time running analysis that will help you, as a runner, progress by focusing in on weaknesses and inefficiencies. This treadmill is great for someone who is injured but even better for someone who is not. When not injured, it helps us see what we may need to work on to become less injury-prone and a stronger, more powerful athlete. As you’ll see below, Sapphire is offering a price of $150 for a one-hour running evaluation. Keep on reading for more info!

Sapphire Physical Therapy is now providing real-time 2D running gait analysis in our Missoula location. We are excited to share this informative, interactive, diagnostic technology with the Missoula running community. Colored LED markers on key body landmarks are read by two high-speed cameras which provide real-time feedback for both the runner and the physical therapist.

Sapphire Physical Therapy is the first physical therapy clinic in the northwest to offer on-site 2D video running analysis using the Simi Aktisys 2D system. Developed in Germany, the Simi Aktisys software records joint angles along the frontal (anterior and posterior views) and sagittal (side) planes of motion as a person runs. Planes of movement and joint ankles (ankle, knee, hip, trunk) are recorded and observed as a person runs. The software analyses the measured video data and an easy to read, usable PDF report is produced for the runner and physical therapist.

Utilizing 2D video running analysis during a physical therapy evaluation takes the guesswork out of determining the underlying cause of movement inefficiency and/or injury. Once a compensatory movement pattern is recorded, the runner can return to the treadmill and make changes in his or her running mechanics while observing themselves in real-time on the monitor screen.

Coupled with a wireless EMG (electromyography) system, runners can then focus on strengthening weak muscles which play a role in their unique running compensation. Walking biomechanics is fairly universal in healthy individuals, but running biomechanics are as diverse and very difficult to accurately assess with the naked eye. The Sapphire Physical Therapy staff looks forward to helping Missoula runners improve their running efficiency and determining the underlying cause of recurrent injuries.

Through the months of July and August, we will be offering an introductory price of $150 for a one-hour running evaluation which includes a 2D video running analysis. An additional one-hour follow-up visit (to establish and practice isolating key muscles needed to run efficiently and injury-free using EMG biofeedback and/or a follow-up video analysis) will be available for an additional $100.

Call Sapphire Physical Therapy (406-549-5283) to schedule your video running analysis or email me ( for additional information or with any questions.

John Fiore, PT
Sapphire Physical Therapy