Angie Partain is very involved in the Missoula Running Community as both a runner and frequent volunteer despite being a busy mom. As a RErun Ambassador we asked her to review the UD Clutch bottle and share with us her findings…

I was excited to try out the Ultimate Direction Jenny Collection Clutch handheld water bottle this month.  July was the perfect time for me to focus on hydration.  I used it in my daily life as much as possible … around the house … around town … walks … shorter workouts … and of course on my long runs.


  • Breathable Mesh Strap
  • Zippered Pocket  (hairband included!)
  • Reflective
  • Versatile carrying positions
  • Cross bungee retention
  • Body Bottle 500 included


  • Weight: 2.5 oz. / 72g
  • Capacity: 43 in3 / 0.7 L


  • Breathable mesh harness for all-day comfort
  • Nylon Ripstop, coated for waterproofness and strength
  • Power Mesh: Lightweight strength with differential stretch in the x and y axis for enhanced load management

Cost:   $42

I’ve broken my review down to 3 categories.   Does it Leak?, Is it Comfortable?  Is it FUNctional?

Does it Leak?

I have to admit, I really hate running with a water bottle … and tend to plan my routes knowing where I can grab a quite sip of water, rather than carry anything with me.  I’ve used other handhelds before, but have struggled with nozzles leaking to the point of losing all my water in the first few miles…not a good place to be when you’re counting on it being there for you.  I was very impressed with the nozzle on this handheld though.  I tried squeezing, jiggling and anything I could think of to make it leak … but I couldn’t muster a drop…AWESOME!!  The downside to the nozzle is that it can come off, and I actually dropped it after my run and had to go back and look for it later that day.  

Is it Comfortable?

Yes, I thought it was comfortable for walking, hiking and in my everyday life.  I did struggle with it a bit on my long runs though.  I thought I would love that it was squishy and pliable, but found the instability of the bottle to be a bit annoying while running … it just jostled around a lot. I also felt the grip on the bottle was a bit wide for my thumb and found that it made my whole arm feel fatigued. I played around with it a bit … just tried holding it … tried clipping it to my tank top (utter failure) … and then discovered it was very comfortable backwards.  This position was a little awkward when taking a sip but it felt more comfortable to me and I actually forgot that I was carrying it for the rest of my run.         

Is it FUNctional?

I love that the zippered pocket is mesh with a larger capacity than other handhelds offer. I was able to fit 2 fruit leathers, a hydration mix, a gel and a packet of craisins in it (not that I ate all that on my run …this was just an experiment at home). I loved the versatility of carrying positions. I love the sporty look and the ability to collapse it for storability.          

Overall, this is a good product.  It wasn’t my favorite though. Really, I was very happy with the the leak-proof aspect of this product and the FUNctionality! Where this product falls short is comfort. I really don’t think I would choose this for my long runs in the future, and look for a different handheld instead. I even asked my husband to give it a whirl on his long run, he was less impressed than I was. He felt that the soft bottle caused him to squeeze his grip, which wore his hand out quickly. He also felt that his hand was overly sweaty (granted, he was using a bottle sized for women). Ultimately, I really wanted to love this product, but felt it didn’t quite measure up in the end.  


You can find the Ultimate Direction Clutch as well as a variety of other handheld bottles and hydration options at Runner’s Edge. Just like shoes, we encourage you to try out different options to see what is most comfortable for you.