Rachel Brumfield works at the University of Montana Foundation, but spends a lot of her time in the running community. She has been seen racing anything from the Resolution Run to Eleven Miles to Paradise. As a 2017/2018 RErun she tested the Nathan Hipster Belt and gave us her thoughts.

Nathan Hipster Waist Belt: A true phone saver

I drop my phone a lot. So often, in fact, that my husband jokes that I’ve spent more replacing screen protectors than my phone itself.

Common scenarios include: running with phone in hand and accidentally flinging it on the sidewalk or hiking with phone in hand and dropping it on a rock.

Enter the Nathan Hipster Waist Belt. For the past couple of weeks, my main question has been: “Where was this all my life?!”

Not only does the belt solve my phone-dropping issues, but it serves as a handy place for everything I need on a run (except water). After testing it in a variety of different settings (running, biking, hiking, grocery shopping), I’ve picked five reasons it’s my new favorite little piece of gear.

  1. Fit: Snug without feeling too tight. I was a little nervous about the fit, as it is not adjustable like many running belts. You simply step into it and pull it up around your waist (like pants). I chose an extra small based on the dimensions on the tag, and it fit perfectly.
  2. Comfort: I forget I’m wearing it. Unlike most running belts I’ve tried, the Nathan Hipster does not move around while running (even downhill!). The feel is consistent whether the pockets are stuffed or mostly empty.
  3. Carrying Capacity: I was pleasantly surprised by the amount the waist belt could hold. I carried my iPhone 7, keys, credit card, Clif ShotBlocks and earbuds without any trouble. You could definitely fit more into it if you wanted.
  4. Look: The belt comes in a variety of colors to fit your style. My style is low-maintenance, so I chose black to make sure it would match anything. Paired with black shorts, the belt is barely noticeable – more like a wide waistband than a bulgy fanny pack. If you like more flair, you could select a brighter color.
  5. Security: The lack of zippers did make me wonder if I was going to lose a few items on the trail. But no matter how much running, jumping, or bending I did, nothing fell out. Those soft little pockets are magic.

At $26-$32, I would call the Nathan Hipster Waist Belt a good investment. It provides a solution for carrying anything you need on a run, looks great, isn’t bothersome to wear and could really be added to any pocket-less outfit. It’s easy to wash and could save you from any and all phone casualties.