Name: Keith FichtnerHalf Marathon Finish 2013

Age: 40

Hometown:  Big Timber and living in Missoula since 2001

Age You Started Running: 35

Why Did You Start Running?  Two reasons.  1.) I was 230 pounds and in desperate need of exercise and a change of lifestyle.  2.) My sister-in-law Leslie Finch joined the Run Wild group to train for the Missoula half marathon and wanted someone to do it with her so I said I would join her. 

Biggest Difference You Noticed When You Started Running:  How quickly you can drop weight.  Also how well it has kept my asthma in check.

What Keeps You Motivated?  So many things. Number one is my wife Lynda and kids Ethan & Olivia. Wanting to be around for them long term and setting an example of being active. Courtney Babcock’s Key Running group also keeps me motivated. Her speed work classes have done wonders for me.  Other people in my life are inspiring like my brother and sister-in-law Lisa and Andy Edelstein; they started running in their late forties and early fifties. Both are now doing marathons around the world including Paris and NYC.

Best Part/Worst Part of Running:  Sometimes just the thought of going is the worst part. The best part is our location in Missoula and the running community. I enjoy running in the Rattlesnake area, on the Kim Williams trail, around the University, and down Mullan Road. I really enjoy the people including my brother-in-law, Dan Finch. It’s our time to catch up on what’s happening with our kids, work, and our wives (who are twins!). I also like the group I’ve met through Courtney Babcock’s training class – too many names to mention, but all are wonderful people and inspiring runners.

What Is Your Favorite Hobby? Probably a tie right now between running and golf.

Words of Wisdom: You’re never too old or too heavy to start running.  Take it one day and one step at a time – the hardest part is day one.