Name: Santa “The Grinch” Claus

Age: 1,747 years old

Why do you run? I have plenty of excuses to not run – I’m old, it’s perpetually cold at my house, it’s dark most of the year, and I am carrying some excess weight because I eat too many cookies at work – but I set all of those aside and force myself out the door every morning. Partially I run to stay in shape for the kids of the world. Partially I run to train for my big event each year, the Worldwide Dash. Mostly though I run for me. Running keeps me sane. It’s a chance to escape the elves, a chance to breathe fresh air, and a chance to keep my cookie gut in check.

When did you start running? I first laced up my running boots way back in 1347. The Black Plague was just going crazy and I had to move faster that Christmas. I started running to avoid the plague and never looked back.

What’s on your running calendar coming up? Next up is the Light the Way 5k, one of my favorite events every year, and then I of course and doing my annual Worldwide Dash a few days later.

Any advice for aspiring runners? Try not to drink more than a gallon of eggnog before each run. And consistency is key. I never run too far, but I run often and that’s what’s kept me injury free.