James Sapp has run just about every trail race that RE Events offers, as well as most of the Run Wild Missoula races. The last couple years he has been a regularly participant in the RWM Advanced Trail Classes and has seen great improvement. 

Name: James Sapp

How many years have you been running? Around 3 years

Do you prefer roads or trails, why? Trails! I think they play to my strengths and allow me to explore places that I think are interesting. I get really motivated when I’m trying to see a new place or summit a peak.

What keeps you getting out of bed in the morning head out for a run? The joy that I will feel from the experience. I run a lot by myself so it is a great time to have set-aside just for me. In the winter I usually stay in bed in the morning with a toasty beverage and run or ski in the evening/night.

You recently had a great race at the Blue Mountain 30k, how did that day go for you? It went smashingly well. This summer my training was a little different due to being away from home and not racing at all. I felt like last season I had put too much pressure on myself to push myself and run fast. So I dialed it back and just made sure I was getting out there and enjoying myself. After I returned to Missoula I was able to sneak into the Blue Mountain 30k a couple weeks before the race and I really had no expectations since I had never ran that distance before. During the race I just felt amazing and had one of the best performances ever. I remember thinking “I feel way too good to be running this fast” at the halfway mark. I could hardly stop smiling the whole race.

What goals do you have for running in 2018? I just want keep feeling good on as many runs as possible! I think that a big part of that is letting go of the expectations I have for myself. For me, that seems to be the key to running well and enjoying the sport. I would like to dabble in some longer distances in the future too. I had a great time training on skate skis and snowshoes last winter. I would like to continue getting out in the snow this year.

Thanks James! Enjoy the snow and we will see you on the trails next season.