Jane & Frank are part of the new walking group that meets at the Runners Edge under leader John Pitcairn. They’re a pleasure to be around and have committed to make health a central part of their lifestyle. Thank you, Frank & Jane, for being a part of our community! For more info on the walking group, please click HEREFrankandJanehalf.201307.

Name: Jane Kisselbach / Frank Kisselbach

Age: 75 / 75

Hometown: Missoula, Montana. We moved from Cherry Hill, NJ 13 years ago.

Age You Started Running/Walking/Exercising: Always exercised to some degree, but never trained or entered races until age 62. / I was 16 when I earned my Hiking merit badge in Boy Scouts. Very little walking/exercising until we moved to Missoula in 2013 (age 62).

What Motivates You to Get Out the Door? We have 4 grandchildren (ages 5-9) and I don’t ever want to tell them I can’t do something they want me to do. The other motivator is being part of the Youth Homes Run for Kids Team each year and helping the kids have a better life. / Our Missoula peers and Jane.

Do You Prefer Walking With Friends or Solo? With friends / With friends

Favorite Food: Tortilla chips or any other salty snack. / Scrapple and eggs or corned beef hash and eggs

Favorite Activity Outside of Exercising: Attending rock concerts. I’m a rock concert junkie. Def Leppard rules!! / Active in Boy Scouts of America (50 year involvement). I am also an amateur radio operator (Ham).

Words of Wisdom: Getting older is mandatory; growing up is optional and I choose to never grow up. / Be prepared (Boy Scout Motto). I wasn’t prepared for a temperature in the low 40’s, rain, and strong wind when walking the Portland Marathon in October 2016. I got pulled around mile 17 with hypothermia.

Anything Else You’d Like to Add: “Participating in RWM walking training classes over the years has been wonderful. We’ve learned a lot and made many friends in these groups. I would never have been able to complete a full marathon (Portland Marathon in October 2016) if not for the support and encouragement from these groups. Doing a full marathon would have remained a bucket list item for me forever”. -Jane