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While running is one of the healthiest forms of exercise, the fact of the matter is that you’re much smaller and harder to see than a car. If you ever run alongside traffic, staying visible is key to having a safe and incident free run. Here are some top tips you can use to stay seen by cars, cyclists, and pedestrians:

Tip #1: Cater Your Attire to the Time of Day
Some clothing is more visible depending on what time of day you’re running. When you’re running in the daytime you should opt for something that’s fluorescent. Lime green is the most striking color to wear, but bright yellows, oranges, and pink all work very well. If you’re running at night it’s not really important to wear fluorescent clothing because motorists won’t see you anyway. What you should wear is something that’s reflective. This allows you to stand out when a car’s headlights pass over you. When a car is far behind you, its headlights will only reach your torso at best, so consider purchasing sneakers with reflective strips. These will be easily visible for motorists from afar.

Tip #2: Run Against Traffic
Sidewalks were not built for runners. Uneven sidewalk and broken bricks are just as dangerous as motorists, if not more so. If you’re forced to run directly in the road, be sure to run against traffic. This will give you a couple of extra seconds to react to reckless driving if need be. When running in traffic it’s always important to follow all local traffic laws and regulations.

Tip #3: Use a Flashlight
If you’re running at dawn or dusk you should always have some kind of light on you. Flashlights are a great option for keeping your path visible as well as alerting motorists to your position, but you can also clip flashing white or red lights to your clothing if you’d prefer to run hands-free. Headlamps may not be the most fashionable option, but they’re a great way to see any hazards in front of you as well as making yourself stand out from afar to motorists.

Tip #4: Run in a Group!
Two runners are always more visible than one. Running in a group essentially guarantees that everyone on the road will see you and give you ample space while passing. Just keep in mind that you shouldn’t run more than two abreast—otherwise, you run the risk of becoming a road hog. Running in a group also gives you the added benefits of accountability buddies. Many studies have shown that those who exercise with friends will work out longer and run faster than they would on their own.