Running is fun

The New Year is just a few days away! This time of year, we hear a lot about the goals people want to set for the next year. As a bunch of runners, we love setting goals and working towards them throughout the year. Our staff pursued a lot of goals in 2021. We thought we would compile some of our favorite tips and tricks for setting realistic, attainable, and FUN goals that we learned from 2021. Some food for thought when planning out the best 2022 ever!

Get a buddy to help out

Everything is more fun with company! Wrangle some of your buds in to help you achieve your goals for 2022. Teamwork can go a long way when the going gets tough. This past year, RE team members Ashley, Bridgett, Vicky, and Michael set the bold goal of running either the Bighorn 50 mile or 50k. The four of them trained together throughout the winter and spring to keep each other motivated. When the going got tough, they leaned on each other for support. Between motivating each other and sharing miles together, they also enjoyed many post-run burritos and coffees. Share a goal with a buddy this year and enjoy the time spent together as you work towards your goals!

Frozen Feen Challenge

Need a buddy? How about a whole community! The Frozen Feet Challenge sets the goal of running/walking one mile outside every day of January.

Set goals that are realistic

Let’s be real, sometimes we get carried away setting goals. It’s easy to think we can do a LOT. In reality, we all have time constraints that force us to prioritize what we do. Instead of setting large, grandiose goals, try setting goals that are easily actionable and have the biggest impact on our lives. We’ll defer to the acronym gods to help us here. Try setting S.M.A.R.T. goals:

As an example, RE team members Erin and Sarah wanted to try to get outside every day this year and run more consistently. They joined the Plod and Pedal group, which challenges members to run one mile outside every day of the year. It helped them carve out the time to run every day, even when it was just a quick jaunt they might otherwise have skipped. They also did it together (see a theme here?!).

Set goals that inspire you

If you ever get the chance to work with Carson in the store, you might learn that she came to running as a sprinter and hurdler. After moving to Missoula, she dove head first into distance running. This year, she set out to run a half marathon every month of the year, plus a marathon! This goal let Carson explore Montana and the country while running her halves all over! Carson chose to tackle a big goal, but one that would let her run with new people, in new places, and learn new things. It was a goal that evolved to always be exciting and interesting. When setting goals for yourself, try setting goals that keep you motivated and will be exciting no matter where you are!

Rut Runt Run

If you ever need inspiration, look no further than the Rut Runt Run!

Remember to HAVE FUN and enjoy the process!

We are firm believers that running and walking should be FUN. That’s why we have a store dedicated to running and walking! We think that your New Year goals should always include an element of fun. We love to run with friends, enjoy post-run snacks, and not be too serious 🙂

Running is fun

Running is fun!