First off, why run the Hardrock 100? Can you explain what it is to those that may not know?

In 2018, I ran a Hardrock qualifier (Bighorn 100) to apply for the HR lottery. Why? Hardrock is absolutely dreamy and terrifying all at the same time! The vert (33,000 ft of gain), the views, the history, the community, the altitude…it’s everything you could ever want!

How did you start ultrarunning?

I went to the Wilma for the Trail Running Film Festival and saw a short doc about The Rut 50K…next thing I know, I’m DNF’n The Rut 50K in Big Sky, haha! The rest is history.

Hardrock was cancelled due to snow in 2019, cancelled due to COVID in 2020, and is finally happening in 2021! You’ve had three tries at preparing for the race. What have you done similar and different? What has your training looked like this year?

Fortunately, I’ve had my coach (Gabe Joyes – 4th @ HR in 2017) for the entirety of this rollercoaster. My training has been pretty consistent with his guidance but has evolved with more experience. I will say that I’m now embracing the importance of pacing and nutrition. It truly does make/break your race experience!

You have a wild story for how you got into Hardrock off of one ticket and then multiple race cancellations since you got in. Can you give us the full story?

I ran and finished Bighorn 100 in 2018, was selected from the HR lottery in December of 2018 and was supposed to run the race July 2019. Well, June of 2019 came around and they cancelled it due to avalanche activity on the course. As a result, I ran Palisades 100 in 2019 instead.

The HR organization rolled over everyone selected in the lottery from 2019 to 2020. As we all know, 2020 rocked the universe and thus another HR cancellation!

So, the HR organization decided that anyone who was selected from the 2019 lottery (that had never raced HR) was allowed to run the 2021 race. Everyone else, who has ran the race before, was out.

To say the least, I feel VERY lucky that I still get to toe the line to and experience HR!

What’s your advice to someone that hears “100 miler” and thinks “I can’t do that!”?

Listen, I was a basketball player….ANYONE CAN RUN 100 MILES! You just have to make up your mind and put in the work.

What was your biggest challenge while preparing for Hardrock?

Staying dedicated to the training and the process for three years, absolutely. Luckily Missoula has been THE best support throughout the entirety of the training and I am grateful for that time.

What are your goals for the race?

Celebrate Heather and finish the dang thing!

What are your biggest reservations heading into the race?

I’m quite nervous about the lightning…also, I have no idea how 14,000 feet will feel haha!

What are you most excited for during the race?

Kissing that rock!

How can folks follow along from home?