Name: Sabrina Sterbis   image 8.19.05 PM

Age: 17

Hometown: Missoula, MT

Currently Training For: My senior cross country season at Big Sky High School

Biggest Accomplishment: Taking 2nd at state XC last year

Plans For 2015: Going to college at the University of Idaho as well as running in the Missoula Half Marathon

Favorite Run: My favorite run is up at Blue Mountain, where I go on a 4 mile loop that goes to the top. I enjoy the view of the Missoula Valley from that area.

Words of Wisdom: Running isn’t always about the competition. It’s about the passion. Run because you enjoy it.

Favorite Quote: “Eventually you find that the competition isn’t about the other runners. It is the voice in your head urging you to quit. Run until you’re done!”