Name:  Seth Swansonwser.190059

Age:  35

Hometown:  Neenah, WI.  But I’ve been a bit of a transient Montanan since 1997.  Well lets just say I’ve moved around quite a bit and my family and I found our way back to Missoula a few years back.

What Age Did You Start Running:  30? Though I was on my seventh grade cross country team and was quite possibly the slowest kid out there.  I started to enjoy and appreciate this whole running thing quite a bit later in life. 

Miles Run Per Week:  ~10-100.  Right now I’m on the left hand side of that spectrum.

Currently Training For:  I’m currently making a dedicated effort not to run and let my body and mind recover and rejuvenate from some summer shenanigans.  Soon I’ll see if I can get enough speed to run in the MT Cup.

Favorite Race or Run:  Right out my back door.  But the Swans are pretty darn amazing.

Favorite Thing To Do Besides Running:  We have two cool little girls so I love to just be with them and my wife.  Lots of time swinging, reading books, riding coaster bikes, walk/hikes, and the occasional (frequent) dress up party.  I’m looking forward to getting the whole crew out on skis in just a few months. 

Words of Wisdom:  I’m still figuring things out, but my ears are always open for friendly advice. 

Favorite Quote:  “If you discover you are riding a dead horse, the best strategy is to dismount.”  I’m not sure who came up with this, but it has stuck with me since I first heard it.  If things aren’t working out, sometimes the best thing to do is to abandon that process/idea and try something different in order to keep moving forward.

Anything Else You’d Like to Add:  Thanks Runners Edge for being such a cornerstone piece in a great running community.   I am continuously taken back by how welcoming, supportive, and really just flat out cool Missoula is as running community.  Pretty lucky to live here.