Last month I wrote about believing in your dreams, the power of your mind, and how your thoughts affect every single cell in your body. In this article and subsequent articles I will discuss the training modalities that will help manifest your running goals and dreams.

In the beginning of every season a runner is told to do “base training”. Most runners when they hear base training think run lots of miles moderate over hills training. This kind of running is important but instead of just running moderate hard, I coach my athletes (and practice myself too) is what I will call “Get Strong Training”.

Get Strong Training is circuit training using short bursts of speed between the exercises. Doing this training 2-4 x week will increase your strength throughout your body so you can safely adapt to the impact forces of each stride thus preventing the likelihood of getting injured from running.

Get Strong Training also increases your speed, which when coupled with strength translates into power. After a few months of circuit training you will feel lighter on your feet. Surging up the hills will be easier and you will be amazed on how good you feel running.

One of the key components of getting faster is month after month, year after year of uninterrupted training. If you can stay injury free and train smart, you WILL get faster. Circuit training paves the way to injury free running and a new faster you.

Below is the link to my Rock Circuit. The clip shows me running strides between exercises but you could do 1 min hills reps or 200m acceleration strides, or some other variation. Variety is key; you want to change up the routines so your neuromuscular system continually adapts under ever-changing stimuli.

Get your strong on!
Video of Rock Circuit
Nicole Hunt, Speed Endurance Coaching
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