Name: Alan McCormick

Age: 46

Hometown: Radford, VA, though after 22 years in Montana, it might as well be Missoula.

Currently Living: Missoula, MT

Miles Run Per Week: I like to average 20-30. More if I’m training for something specific, less whenever someone uses the words “pizza” and “beer” in a complete sentence.

Currently Training For: I’ve wanted to do the Sweathouse Half Marathon in September, but have an above-average aversion to training in the summer heat. The Spokane Half in October is a more realistic goal. It’s time to address my mild disdain for hills.

Favorite Race or Run: The Missoula Marathon and Half Marathon. I’ve run each twice. Few things are as exhilarating as making that final turn onto the Higgins Bridge, seeing the crowd, and finding one last kick to the finish line. Plus it’s not just a race. It’s an entire weekend of camaraderie with runners from around the world who get to experience the community I enjoy every day.

Favorite Thing to do (Other Than Running): In my spare time I am a beer writer covering the Montana brewing industry at my own site and for the Rocky Mountain Brewing News. People have a strong connection with their local breweries and I enjoy telling their stories.

What Age Did You Start Running: 40. I spent my first 39 years making snide comments about runners. It’s odd, but I got into running specifically because I hated it. With age 40 approaching, I made a commitment to improve my fitness. It turns out it’s a proven scientific fact that no reasonable person can endure an elliptical machine for more than six minutes. I kept eyeing the treadmill despite flashbacks to forced runs during high school soccer. I decided I had to kick running’s tail. Six months later I ran my first race, the 2010 Missoula Half Marathon.

Words of Wisdom: With running, I alone am responsible for my successes and failures and no one else gets to tell me how to feel about either.

Anything Else You’d Like To Add: We are fortunate in Missoula to have Run Wild Missoula and the Runner’s Edge. Many running clubs and stores preach inclusion, but Run Wild and Runner’s Edge deliver the goods. Every runner and walker from the elites to the beginners gets the same level of respect and assistance and I am a grateful recipient of that.