Do you wonder how frequently or when you should focus on stamina, endurance, speed, recovery, power and agility? Hopefully this article will help answer those questions.

Below you will find details of a basic training week created for the final 12 weeks leading to a goal race that can be adapted to suit all abilities – I utilize this pattern for myself and for my athletes. The outline is also adaptable for use on all types of terrain that you might have available.

Please Note:
Beginner Runner- Run the lower mileage suggested
Advanced Runner- Run the longer mileage suggested and run the top-end minutes of faster running

Focus: Endurance
    4-8 mile moderate run with 6 strides or crosstrain (XT) 30-60 min moderate

Focus: Speed
4-12 mile moderate run with 6 strides and 2 to 5 sets of 3, 2, 1 min @ 8k effort w/ 1-2 min jog rest between sets and reps. Run on rolling hills or hilly trail.

Focus: Recovery
4-8 mile jog or XT 30 to 60 min easy

Focus: Power, Strength, Agility
4-12 mile moderate run including 6 strides and 6-15 x 45 sec hills @ 3k effort w/ easy jog down rests. If you ran a track workout on Tuesday evening, then I suggest omitting the faster running and instead run moderate with some strides. In my experience, runners need at least 2 to 3 days recovery after an intense track workout for recovery and injury prevention.

Focus: Recovery
4-8 mile jog or XT 30 to 60 min easy

Focus: Stamina
8-20+ mile moderate run including 3 to 8 sets of 12 min @ half marathon effort w/ 90 sec jog rests. Run on rolling hills or hilly trails.

Focus: Endurance
4-16+ mile easy run or XT 30 to 120+ min easy
Thank you for reading. I hope you find this information helpful. Please email me at with training questions that you would like me to answer in future editions of the Runners Edge Newsletter. I will answer one question every month.

Nicole Hunt
Speed Endurance Coaching
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