Rachel Brumfield can been seen racing anything from the Resolution Run to Eleven Miles to Paradise, but also likes to explore and recently spent some time in the mountains around Banff. You can follow her adventures on instagram @rachbrums. As a 2017/2018 RErun she tested the Brooks FineForm Sports Bra and gave us her thoughts.

Brooks FineForm: A Very Versatile Sports Bra

I chose the Brooks FineForm off the shelves of Runner’s Edge because it was different. Unlike most sports bras, it clasps in the back and has convertible straps. It looks like a hybrid between your everyday bra and a sports bra. At first I thought, “This is a little much.” As someone who can (almost) go on a run without any sort of support at all, the security of the Brooks FineForm felt a little excessive. But after wearing it for a couple weeks, I’m sold.

Reasons I thought this sports bra outperforms others:

1. Material: This bra is made out of a magical material that all undergarments should be made
of. According to the tag, it’s called DriLayer® fabric. I wore the bra for hours without
noticing it was there. On particularly sweaty runs, it remained soft, moisture-wicking and

2. Zero-Chafe: It’s music to the ears of any lady runner. The FineForm’s bonded, seamless
neckline, straps and back prevent friction in all the usual spots – under the straps, band and
underarms. I’m often the victim of a chafing on the inside of my arms after long runs – not
the case here. Huge points in my book.

3. Overall Fit: The FineForm fits snug without being rigid. There are no perceivable cups held
between two layers of fabric, like many other sports bras. This makes the whole thing more
manageable – especially after machine-washing. No digging around trying to straighten the
cups or untangling the straps. Yet, it still has the right amount of coverage and padding to
offer significant support.

Another win are the adjustable straps. Converting between the racer back and open back
styles is easy and comfortable. You choose the length of the straps, ensuring the perfect fit
every time.

4. Style: The dual-option straps make this bra more versatile than any I’ve ever worn. The
strappy racer back style is fun and sleek enough to wear on it’s own. It also works perfectly
with most running tanks. The open back entices you to make this your everyday, go-to bra.
It works well under professional attire (I tested this, too), making an after-work run that
much easier.

As with most sports bras, it comes in a wide variety of fun colors. Even the plain ol’ black
version features stripes to mix it up. I’d give the Brooks FineForm a 10/10 for versatility, comfort and design. It’s great for runs and for the workday. It’s comfortable when hiking with a pack and swimming in the river. The bra’s unique multi-functionality makes the $50 price tag worth every penny. For someone like me, who spends 9+ hours in the office then hits the road or trail, it’s the perfect hybrid.

PS – Here’s a shameless, but very honest plug for Runner’s Edge… If you’re looking to buy the
perfect sports bra, RE is the place to do so. They have handy fit guides, specific to running bras, in their dressing rooms and will help take your measurements. Super helpful.