Tim Mosbacher is a RErun Ambassador for 2017/2018. We asked him to test out a pair of the SAXX Underwear and tell us what he thought. You can read more of his reviews and stories from running here

Courtesy of Tim Mosbacher

A few months ago I was doing a little shopping at the Runner’s Edge and posed an issue to salesman Forrest Boughner.  I was wearing out the liners of my running shorts faster than normal, and running shorts have been getting more expensive every year.  He suggested purchasing SAXX underwear and using these as a replacement for the liner.  He divulged a little personal information—he was now wearing SAXX underwear and was liking them.  Forrest and I usually do not discuss our underwear choices so I thought they must be good!

 Fast forward to this month and I am now on my second pair of SAXX underwear.  Forrest was correct.  They are a cheaper replacement to purchasing all-new running shorts, and they are the most comfortable underwear you can buy.

 I initially did not even wear the first pair for running.  SAXX were so comfortable I started wearing them as my go-to comfortable wear.  Their moisture wicking and anti-microbial properties create a situation where you do not sweat during normal wear, which eliminates odors.  The most noticeable feature when you first put them on is the “ballpark pouch.”  SAXX promotes the pouch as a “3D hammock shaped pouch which is designed for contact free support.”  The pouch prevents heat and chafing from skin-against-skin friction.

Courtesy of Tim Mosbacher

 With the second pair I removed the liners from my old damaged shorts and wore the SAXX boxer brief as the “liner.”  Despite high heat conditions, I had no chafing and very little moisture in the front (some in the rear) due to the pouch.  The legs did not ride up much for me and to be honest I never even felt them on any of the test runs. 

 Sizing seems accurate as I normally wear a 30-inch waist pant and the tested briefs were a small with the advertised waist of 30-32.  In the future I would like to test out a XS and compare as they are rated 27-29. 

 The “elephant in the room” with SAXX briefs would be the cost.  They are priced at $38 a pair. After a few months of wearing my first pair, they look the same as the day I purchased them.  I have been able to run in shorts that I would have relegated to the trash bin, saving hundreds of dollars on new shorts with liners.  It seems $38 is a good investment.