Nico Composto has only been in Missoula for a year, but has already established himself on the running scene. As a former All-American cross country runner at Columbia, Nico has injected some new speed into local races. So far this year he has won the Bitterroot Runoff, placed 3rd at the Don’t Fence Me In 30k, won the Thunderbolt Creek 30k, won the Snowbowl 15k, and ran a 2:31 marathon solo. He is also the current leader in Montana Trail Crew’s Treasure State Trail Series and just started a master’s program in education. 

Name: Nico Composto

Age: 25

When did you start running? When I was 7. It was third grade. I was a chubby little kid and came in last in all my races.

What has been your favorite race? NCAA cross country championships. It’s just a super competitive race. It brings together all of the best college runners of every distance in the country and it’s one of the deepest races in the world.

What keeps you running? It’s a tangible way to feel happiness. Everytime I go for a run I know that’s going to make me happy. When life is uncertain, it’s the one thing I know that will make me feel better.

How many miles a week do you run? In between 50 and 65.

What’s next on the calendar for you? John Colter Run (part of the Treasure State Trail Series).

What is your favorite thing about Missoula? The mountains. Every single mountain surrounding us. I just love them all.