Zeke Campfield is a wonderful example of how dedication to running pays off. After making some life changes he picked up running and has made it a habit. You can find Zeke and many of the local races always having a good time.

Name: Zeke Campfield

Age: 36

Number of Years Running: Four in April

What got you started running? I ran my first mile as an adult almost four years ago when I checked into a treatment center for addiction. My life felt so dark at that moment that I was willing to take any suggestion for turning it around, and it was suggested that exercise might do me some good. I chose running because my dad was a lifelong marathoner.

Why do you keep running? At this point, there’s no stopping. My physical fitness is not only a huge component of my overall mental, emotional and spiritual health – it’s also the easiest way to measure my growth over the past four years. Faster miles, longer distances, leaner body … I like to think that reflects similar – but less measurable – progress in my heart and soul.

What has been your favorite running memory? Honestly, I have not reached a plateau, so every time I get out there is more amazing than the last. Personal feats aside, the friendship and support offered me by other runners (you know who you are) is something for which I’m deeply grateful.

Are you training for anything in particular? I’m not sure when or how, but I’d like to eventually transition from road races into trail running and do something epic! I got to witness the Bighorn Trail Run down in Wyoming two years ago, and I think it’s calling …

What do you enjoy doing that’s non-running related? What I enjoy more than anything, running included, is finding ways to give thanks for all these blessings of recovery by extending a hand to those who still struggle. I felt hopeless four years ago, my life is more rich today – and trust me, that’s not all my doing. The least I can do is pay it forward.