1. Name: Jenny Newton

2. Age: 40

3. Number of Years Running: Only in the last 6 years have I admitted to being a “runner”, but 14 years ago is when I would say I actually started.

4. Weekly Mileage: Anywhere from 25-45 and in the summer I take at least a month off.

5. What got you interested in running?My sister

6. Favorite Hobby Outside of Running: Mountain biking!!! Eating is right up there too.

7. Favorite Quote or Words of Wisdom: There are so many great quotes from my family and friends – here are 3 that I just have to share!

• From my 92 year old grandmother while we were playing volleyball (seriously – you should see her serve) – “I just feel so much better than when I was in my 80’s!”

• From my sister Amy while she was running a marathon and was the lead woman by a long shot. Here’s our conversation as she ran by.
Amy: “What place am I?”
Me: “You’re 1st!”
Amy: (she is now rolling her eyes with an exasperated look that says to me, DUH!!) – “What place am I with the MEN!!”

• From my friend who is the sweetest person you’d ever meet. (I have to edit this for language) – “Jenny, harden the bleep up!”

8. Currently Training For: My 1st ever 800m on the track, andBloomsday!

Name: Tim Mosbacher

Age: 45

Miles Per Week: 60-80

Currently Training For: The Boston Marathon and The Missoula Mile

Number of Years Running: After years of on-and-off again running, consistent high-mileage training for the past two years has allowed me to complete 5 marathons within on year, with the fastest being a 2:59

Favorite Hobby Outside of Running: Backpacking

Words of Wisdom: You won’t get any faster without doing speedwork

NameJulie Gilchrist

Age: 43

Miles Per Week: 60 right now, varies throughout the year (mostly less!)

Number of Years Running: Started running at age 12, ran a few years in college and on and off until 2005. This is when I started training for marathons and it’s been consistent since then.

Favorite Pastime Before Running: Eating, reading, hiking, gardening

Lesson Learned: Running Big Sur Marathon last spring with Jennifer Straughan; we went into it with no expectations. For me, that was huge. I put a lot on myself and normally get very anxious about every race. It’s ingrained, I can’t help it. However, this was a VERY hilly course and beautiful. Two great reasons to take it easy and have a good time. I didn’t push it but held a decent pace and did well overall. Now the challenge is to teach myself how to do that for every race!

Side Note: We don’t usually post captions under photos, but this warrants one: Julie is resting after winning the Coeur D’Alene Marathon a few years ago. She’s sitting on the edge of the awards stage, examining her blisters with Paige and Alan, her children.

NameJB Yonce


Miles Per Week45-50

Number of Years RunningI started running in March of 2010 in the Missoula Marathon Training Class through the Runners Edge

First MarathonThe Missoula Marathon 2010

Favorite Pastime Before RunningTeam Roping

Why Do You Like To RunI run for the social and physical well-being

Words of Wisdom For OthersI consider myself old and slow but my competitive spirit is fed by seeing an increase in speed and being competitive in my age group

Side NoteA big congratulations to JB for a huge PR in the marathon! A few months ago, he ran 3:46 in Portland. Just a few weeks ago, JB ran the Phoenix Rock ‘n Roll Marathon and clocked an incredible 3:37! Nice job!