Tim Mosbacher is a staple in the Missoula running community. He is currently trying to run a marathon in every state and has experience with a variety of running products. As a RErun Ambassador we asked him to compare anti-chafe ointments and share his expert opinions. You can follow more of Tim’s adventures here.

I suffer from chafing. I suffer a lot if I forget to use preventive methods on runs 14 or more miles. When I ran in college, I just accepted chafing as one of the discomforts of running. Legs that hurt, burning lungs, bleeding nipples, and chafed inner thighs were all part of the “joy of running.”

As I have gotten older and wiser, and a have little bigger pocketbook, I have realized you can eliminate some of these “joys” without breaking the bank, and it can definitely make a run more enjoyable.  For the past month I have been comparing anti-chafing products from the Runner’s Edge.

I actually have used Body Glide for the past six years.  It is a product that works, and its name “Body Glide” is becoming synonymous with all anti-chafing products.  I use the product on my inner thighs.  The shorter the racing short, the more I will need to apply.  If I am wearing arm warmers with a singlet, I will also apply it to my arms and the side of my chest where the upper seams of the arm warmers rub.  Some men also use it on their nipples, but I have not had much luck with this method and prefer to use band aides.

There is a “feminine” or pink container version of Body Glide that contains some additional moisturizing balm.  In applying this balm, I have not noticed any additional benefits. Many of the women I have discussed the products with stated they usually use the blue or “masculine” version. Although the pink container does say “for her,” there truly is no difference between the his or her versions.

I have never had issues with residue after a run with Body Glide.  When a container is new, it is a little rough on the skin during application, similar to most underarm stick deodorants.

This month I have also been using 2Toms Sport Shield.  I immediately preferred the roll-on applicator.  The anti-chafing “liquid” rolls on fast and easy, with no applied pressure. I have started to use it instead of my old standby Body Glide.  2Toms has worked as well, including in rainfall, and is rapidly becoming my go-to product.  It does, on shorter runs, tend to have a moister feeling than the Body Glide.

Both products are excellent.  Stop in to the Runner’s Edge in Missoula, MT and purchase either one and tell them Tim sent you.