Jenna Lyons is part of the 2017/18 RErun Ambassador team. This year Jenna competed in the US Skyrunning Series including the Rut and the championship race in Flagstaff. You can follow all her adventures at @littleyoness. With winter rapidly approaching/already here we asked Jenna to try out the Feetures Merino socks.

Warm Feet = Warm Heart

I reviewed the Feetures! Merino wool socks in the crew length and the ankle length. I’ve been on the hunt for a good winter running sock for a long time now. I am happy to say that I have finally found true love…it was love at first sight/step.  Just like the other reviews I have done, I reviewed these socks for (1) Functionality; (2) Looks; and (3) Comfort.


I tested these socks out right as the snow and cold hit. If you want your feet to stay warm, I am here to tell you that these are the socks for you. I wore them on an hour and a half trail run and my feet were toasty warm the entire time. As someone who has Raynaud’s Syndrome (condition where you have reduced blood flow to your extremities), this was really a delight to discover. I may never wear another pair of socks this winter. The crew length is perfect for keeping ankles warm as well.


These socks don’t really win the looks department compared to other socks like Stance and Vim & Vigr or Smartwool. The socks I wore are black and grey, so not really anything to write home about (like this thing). But, who cares when your feet are so warm?


These are the most comfortable winter running socks I have ever owned. Sometimes wool is hard to get used to, itchy, or just generally rubs all over. But that was not the case with these socks. The merino is soft and feels like a cloud. I compared the softness of the socks to the softness of my Australian shepherd, Susan, and it was a really close call, with Susan’s fur ultimately being softer in the end.

Whether you run on the roads or the trails, I would highly recommend these socks if you love to run outside and feel the warmth of Christmas in your heart. They are a must have for Missoula running!