Jenna Lyons is an athlete that does it all. Runs, bikes, skis, you name it. She just graduated from law school and still finds time to represent Runner’s Edge as a RErun Ambassador while she studies for the bar exams. She recently tested the Sugoi Arm Coolers and gave us her thoughts.

SUGOi ARM COOLERS: Too Cool For School

We have been pretty blessed in Missoula to have a cool spring where it feels good to run at
pretty much any time of the day. Once July comes around the corner, though, running can be
challenging if you don’t wake up at 5 a.m. to get your morning miles in before work. Personally,
I am a huge fan of sleeping in, stretching, and drinking way too much coffee in the mornings.
And for those days—the days you only have time to run in the heat of the day—there are the
SUGOi arm coolers. In the words of the Little River Band, it’s “time for a cool change.” True to
form, I have handpicked a music video for you to listen to while you read this review (hint: it
involves dolphins):

I admit, I was skeptical about trying these out. Why on Earth would I want to wear MORE
clothing when it is 90+ degrees outside? The truth is that we have arrived. We are in the 21 st
century. Technology is amazing now, and it can help you feel better while you are running.


The arm coolers are very lightweight. You can fit them even inside the little pouch on your hand
bottle if you decide to take them off during a long run. The arm coolers have a grippy material
at the top, so they aren’t constantly sliding down. They stay in place, allowing you to focus on
slaying your run and feeling nice and cool.


Most importantly, these arm coolers can keep you from getting sunburns on your arms. They
have UPF 50+ sun protection, which is great if you’re like me and forget to wear sunscreen all
the time. It is so important to protect your skin from the harmful effects of being out in the sun
for hours on end. I have returned from many long mountain adventures with crazy sunburns on
my arms, but I was too hot to wear a shirt. Problem solved.


Most of all, the arm coolers work! They truly work! They are made of cooling fabric, which
utilizes your body’s own moisture to cool skin temperature. They wick away perspiration and
cool your arms down.

What I didn’t like about them is that they are a little too long. I also wish they had flowers or
some other kind of design on them. But they are supposed to be white so that they don’t
absorb sunlight and heat, so that wish doesn’t really make a lot of sense. They are also around
$36, which is a little pricey in my opinion.

Overall, I enjoyed reviewing these arm coolers, and I think you will enjoy them too. Now if they
would only make a face cooler…