Jenna Lyons is an athlete that does it all. Runs, bikes, skis, you name it. She is currently in her last year of law school and still finds time to represent Runner’s Edge as a RErun Ambassador. She recently tested the Hydrapak Stash 750ml Soft Bottle and shared her thoughts.


I reviewed the Hydrapak Stash flexible water bottle. It holds 25 fluid ounces of liquid and is designed for easy, convenient use on the trail. It features an easy grip ring and bail handle for easy carrying. The sides are flexible so that the bottle is comfortable to carry. The bottle is soft and squishy and reminds me of this:


Let’s face it…runners and hikers aren’t known for their huge arm muscles, and the Stash accommodates that. The main asset of the Stash bottle is that it is 50% lighter than the traditional hard bottle. And once it is empty, it collapses down for easy storage in your pack or pocket. I carried in my hand on a run and put it in my jacket pocket once I was done…no more having to carry empty water bottles around! I also put it in my backpack in its collapsed mode, and then brought it to yoga and filled it up. And then collapsed it back down when I was done. It was perfect. I recently started learning to paraglide, and I cannot wait to use this bottle, as it will be available hanging off my pack on the hike up, and will collapse into nothing for the flight down. I could see it being great for kayaking, backpacking, or equestrian purposes as well.


You can sleep easy at night knowing Hydrapak really had the environment in mind when they designed this bottle. The bottle is BPA and PVC free.


The bottle has a Beyond Lifetime Guarantee. I am not sure what that means…maybe it means your kids can get a replacement after you die? Throughout the course of my research on this bottle, I learned that Hydrapak uses TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) to ensure that the bottle is flexible without sacrificing durability. They also use radiofrequency welding to ensure a waterproof seal, and they offer a 2 year no-leak warranty.


I am not sure if this is the best bottle for running. It is definitely the best bottle for hiking or backpacking—or any other activity where you’re spending extended time outside and have a pack with you. While I used it for a run, it wasn’t optimal and I would prefer to use the harder I would highly recommend that anyone who enjoys moving efficiently in the mountains head down to Runner’s Edge to pick up a Stash bottle!