Tim Mosbacher is a staple in the Missoula running community. He is currently trying to run a marathon in every state and has experience with a variety of running products. As a RErun Ambassador and connoisseur of technical short sleeve shirts, we asked Tim to review the lululemon Metal Vent Tech SS. You can follow more of Tim’s adventures here.

Reviewing the lululeman Metal Vent Tech Short Sleeved shirt has made me reflect a little on my wearing of t-shirts. I just love the feel of a good t-shirt, and it is always so difficult in the morning to pick the one I am going to wear that day. 

Back in 1978 I took my first date to the movie Grease. I asked the girl when making the arrangements if we should dress up, and she said yes. I was a little embarrassed when I picked her up and she came out of her house wearing a long, fancy white dress and I was wearing my best bell bottom jeans and my favorite t-shirt.   

This still happens today. My wife will invite me to a gathering and I am faced with the tough decision about which t-shirt to wear. Needless to say, they are all “free” t-shirts from various runs. But is the gathering one where I can wear a 5k shirt or marathon shirt, or is it one where I bust out the Bighorn 100 mile shirt (which I dropped out of, but I have no shame)?

All of this will change with the lululeman shirt. It is a shirt you can run in but also is so swank you can wear it to most Missoula gatherings. If you really want to test out the shirt’s advertised anti-stink technology, you can even go for a run and then go straight to your party. If you smell, don’t blame the shirt. 

The metal vent shirt is very sharp looking. It is so comfortable due in part to its “four-way stretch.” I have never worn a shirt with so much elasticity, which just adds to the luxury of the shirt. The sizing runs slightly larger than most-shirts. 

The one downside to the shirt is the price. Maybe it will last two times longer than a normal shirt and will make up for the cost, which is my hope. There is no logo on the shirt, so if it does last that long it will be excellent. I sometimes wonder if I should still be wearing a shirt that says “1996 Shack 10k.”

If you see me around town, there is a good chance I won’t be wearing my typical running garb. Feel free to come up and touch the shirt, or better yet, try one on at the Runner’s Edge and tell them Tim sent you.