Jenna Lyons is an athlete that does it all. Runs, bikes, skis, you name it. She is currently in her last year of law school and still finds time to represent Runner’s Edge as a RErun Ambassador. She recently tested the brand new Moji Heat Massage Ball, a roller especially nice in the cold winter months, and shared her thoughts.

I was asked to review the Moji Heat Massage Ball.  As someone who has multiple past injuries and who consistently runs my body through the wear-and-tear gauntlet, I was excited to test this tool out. I am always on the lookout for portable massage and recovery accouterments. This one is both innovative and functional, and provides a great massage for runners, other athletes, or people who sit in a chair/desk all day and may have a sore back, neck, or hips. It is truly an orb of magic and wonder, like this:

Instructions: Heat it Up!

The key feature of the Moji ball is that it retains heat to provide a deeper, more effective massage to sore or tight muscles.  Put the Moji ball in the microwave for about 2 minutes.  It retains the perfect level of warmth while you massage your body with it. It retains heat for a couple hours.

Recommended Massages for Runners

I tested out three massage tactics with the Moji ball, and found them all to be highly effective.  Please note that I am not a PT or licensed massage therapist and you should consult yours if you have injuries or a specific PT plan that you’re supposed to be doing.

1. Piriformis

Put the ball right under your bum and roll around on your piriformis.


Put the ball under the outside of your thigh/quadriceps. Support yourself with your arms. Roll slowly back and forth. Support yourself with your arm.

3. Shin

Place the ball underneath your shin and roll back and forth. Support yourself with your arms.

You can find out many tips and tricks and learn about other Moji products at

Overall, the Moji ball is an excellent tool for recovery, whether you are a runner or not. If you have a job in which you are sitting at a desk a lot, the Moji ball is great for relieving lower back pain and providing a wonderful, warm, restorative massage.  Try it out today and keep the warmth of Christmas rolling into the New Year!