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New Balance 910v4

Happy trail season, fellow runners! It’s that long-awaited time of year when we get to dust off our shoes and continue to wish the snow away from our favorite trails. Just in time for training this spring, I tested one of New Balance’s trail shoe: the 910v4. Excited to share with you what I thought of these bright beauties!


New Balance 910v4
Weight 8.6 oz (Women’s size 7)
Heel Drop 8mm
Cushion Firm
Tech REVite midsole foam, HydroHesion rubber outsole



For me – with my fairly average feet and wide toes – the 910’s fit perfectly. The midfoot feels secure, with a double-layer elastic portion that keeps the tongue from sliding around. My little toes love the spacious toe box, which is tall enough to keep toenails happy even while pounding downhill. In comparison to other running shoes, the 910’s feel very stable and snug, in the most comfortable way.

Durability and Traction

The outside of the 910’s feature a fine, double-layer synthetic mesh. Notably, the toe area is reinforced with a rubber compound to protect your toes from the rocks, sticks, and myriad of other things that might trip you up along the way. The midsole – which some say is fairly stiff – has a fantastic “rock plate” for smoother-feeling trail running. I tested these features by running down the M, Mo-Z and backside of Waterworks Hill. I’m happy to report great grip and stability, even on loose rock. The narrower tread also allows for better maneuvering between the rocks and uneven terrain.


I would be lying if I said the bright “Sea Spray with Alpha Pink & Black” color scheme didn’t sway my affinity. These kicks make you feel like you’re flying up and down the trail! I love the vibrant colors, especially this time of year when the sky is super gray and scenery drab. The design of the shoe looks sleeker than my other trail shoes, making them easy to wear around.

Other Favorite Features

I mentioned it previously, but the addition of the elastic layer that attaches to the tongue makes this shoe a favorite for me. Rather than slipping around on long downhill portions of trail, these shoes stay in place (preventing obnoxious hot spots and blisters). I also am a huge fan of the reinforced toe – it’s not overdone but is helpful for a runner like me who sometimes forget to pick up my feet. 😊


The New Balance 910 is reasonably priced at $110 – definitely not the most expensive option out there.


For a neutral trail running shoe, the New Balance 910 is a great option. They ride the middle in nearly every aspect – comfortable but not plush, firm but not unresponsive, stable but not unforgiving – except in design. (In design, they’re fun, colorful and perfectly embody my feelings about spring trail running.) For an every day runner who likes to get off the roads and onto Missoula’s beautiful trails – they’re an easy YES.