Angie Partain is very involved in the Missoula Running Community as both a runner and frequent volunteer despite being a busy mom. As someone on her feet all day we asked her try out Stance socks and give us her feedback. You can follow her adventures at @jnapartain.

Stance Run Socks

Let’s talk socks.  Ok, so I’m a bit of a frugal gal.  It’s hard for me to spend a ton of money on something that nobody is going to see—like socks.  Let me tell ya though, I’ve tried to save money on this category over the years and it has NEVER paid off—especially because I have crazy persnickety feet.  When it comes to running, having happy feet is at the top of my list of importance. Every one of my most miserable runs (and believe me, I remember ALL of them) had something to do with sad blistered feet or angry toes that were sliding around in my shoes.  Even still, my finicky feet have struggled in certain high end running socks. Needless to say, this has been an area of trial and error throughout the years for me. So, when my friends at the Runner’s Edge asked me to try out Stance socks–which were totally new to me–I was excited to see how they would work out.  


Stance offers great design, with a variety of colors and styles in their socks. They range from super fun to subdued mixed with a splash of fun to clean and classic in design. They are available in crew length or tab. Whatever your style—I’m certain you’ll find something you like in this brand.


Right from the get-go, I LOVED how these plush socks felt on my weary feet. I may or may not have worn them 48 hours straight on their first wear because I just didn’t want to take them off.  The material is incredibly soft and will make you want to buy more than one pair.


Fitting true to size, the tab socks hit right at the ankle and sit comfortably just above my shoes while crew hit mid-calf.  With an anatomically correct fit and seamless structure they formed well to each foot without any bulky or bunchy spots, which kept my toes singing happy tunes while on the road and trail.


I wore these a bunch—from running to hiking to walking to cleaning house to sleeping–shoot, I even wore them to the pool.  They never disappointed. My feet stayed happy on my runs, and I have no blisters or lost toenails to report. They have a nice element of compression to them which seemed to keep my feet from swelling on longer runs.  Also, I didn’t have any issues with odor. They held up in the wash, however they do seem a bit fuzzier (but not pilled) afterward. I think this is simply due to the soft nature of the material, but they are by no means wearing thin.  

I completely recommend trying Stance run socks!  I will most definitely be purchasing several more pairs (which is a way better choice than my 48-hour obsession confession). Priced from $14-$17 for tab and $18-$20 for crew they aren’t your bargain sock, but believe me—they’re worth it and so are your feet! Check them out at Runner’s Edge today!

Happy running!