Tammie was nominated for Runner of the Month by a friend who she helped motivate to be active consistently. They are both now working on the Frozen Feet Challenge and towards bigger goals this summer!

Name: Tammie Dry
How long have you been running? I started running in spring of 1992 to lose weight and get fit. My grandpa was a long-distance runner and in great shape. I started by running laps up and down my street. My goal was to run a marathon with my grandpa. I completed the LA Marathon in 1995 with not just my grandpa, but an uncle and my brother too. I’ve been running consistently ever since.
What do you enjoy most about the running/walking community? I love the year-round opportunities in Missoula. There is no excuse to delay getting out there and being active. You can always find someone to walk/run/hike with and you can always start training for an upcoming event. The positive, welcoming community makes the hard work more fun!
You’re currently doing the Frozen Feet Challenge; why did you sign up? Even after years of running and being active, I still need motivation to get outside. This challenge provides the push I need when the day gets away from me, the temperature drops, or the snow falls. My type A personality won’t let me leave even one of those little boxes by my name empty!
You were nominated for Runner of the Month by a friend you convinced to start getting out and now she is considering a half marathon. First, nice work! Second, how are you able to get friends excited to spend time outside, especially this time of year? Well, strategically I started working on them back in the fall, so when the colder weather and snow finally came we were already in the habit of meeting and we were all kind of hooked on that time together. With busy schedules it sometimes is our only chance to catch up and check in with each other, so the uphill trudge through the snow and great workout is the bonus! When friends are texting you to hike/run/walk in the morning, you need a pretty good excuse not to make it.
What do you have on your running calendar this year? I’m super excited to be participating in the Missoula Half this year with not only some great friends but also my 66 years young mother. She has always been an example to me of living an active and healthy life, and she has traveled to support me in many races over the years, so this year we will be walking those 13 miles together! It will be the first half marathon for everyone I’m racing with, and I can’t wait to share the amazing experience with them!