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The Blue Mountain 30K is a scenic loop along the trails of the Blue Mountain Recreation Area. There are many, and I do mean many, trail junctions along the course. Some are signed better than others. Come race day we will do everything we can to mark the course well and take the guess work away from the runners so that they may focus on running the race. In the meantime, for those who would like to know exactly what the course is so that they may run sections of it this is my attempt at a clear and concise description of the trails we will be using for the 30k course. At the Blue Mountain trailhead you can find and take trifold trail maps of the area that will help to make sense of the description below.

With no further ado….

  • The course begins at the Peak Health and Wellness center and follows the Blue Mountain road to the Main Blue Mountain Trail head.
  • From the trail head you will head right on Trail 3.01. You stay on Trail 3.01 for the next 5 miles on the first significant climb of the course. Most trail junctions are signed, but for the ones that are not, follow the most heavily worn trail.
  • You cross the dirt road FS 365 once at 1.9 miles. Once you are about to encounter FS Rd. 365 for the second time, and before you cross the fence, you take a sharp right and follow Trail 3.01 up another 1/3 of a mile or so until it crosses FS Rd. 2101.
  • Turn left on FS Rd. 2101 downhill until it connects with FS Rd. 365.
  • Take a sharp left at this Junction onto FS Rd. 365.
  • Continue on FS Rd. 365 for a 1/4 mile until you are at the Trailhead for Trail 3.02.
  • Pass through the opening in the fence and take an immediate right downhill on Trail 3.02. Head downhill on Tr. 3.02 until it crosses FS Rd. 365.
  • Cross the road and follow the trail that stays left. This is trail 3.04. Continue along trail 3.04 until Jct. Q.
  • Stay left at Jct. Q and you are now on trail 3.23. Continue along on trail 3.23.
  • Stay right at Jct. S and also at Jct. R. You are on trail 3.22 for a short time until it becomes trail 3.04.
  • At Jct. D take a right and head uphill on trail 3.03. Continue on 3.03 until it runs into Trail 6.03 at Jct. T.
  • Take a right onto 6.03. Follow 6.03 until it ends at FS Rd. 365.
  • Follow 365 uphill for about 1/2 of a mile until you see Trail 3.21 begin on the left side of the road.
  • Follow 3.21 uphill to Junction JJ.
  • From Jct. JJ head up hill on trail 6.01 to Hayes point.
  • At Hayes point take a deep breath and enjoy the view, you are at the highest point on the course! After you have patted yourself on the back head back down trail 6.01 to Jct. JJ then head left downhill on trail 6.01 until Jct. EE.
  • At EE head uphill on trail 6.04 passing Jct. DD and then taking a right onto trail 6.02 at Jct. CC.
  • Head down 6.02 to Jct. GG. From GG head uphill on trail 6.03.
  • Take a right at Jct. U onto trail 3.05.
  • At Jct. V take a right onto trail 3.06.
  • Continue up and over the rock knob vista point on 3.06 until Jct. P.
  • From Jct. P take trail 3.08.
  • Take 3.08 until Jct. L.
  • At Jct. L go right on trail 3.09.
  • Follow along 3.09 to Jct. A.
  • At Jct. A go left along trail 3.04 back to the Blue Mountain trailhead.
  • From the trailhead you head back along Blue Mountain Road for .6 miles until you reach the Finish Line at the Peak health and Wellness center.